Alomar In AIDS Lawsuit Shocker

Ex-girlfriend claims baseball star knew he had virus during sex

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Alomar In AIDS Lawsuit Shocker

FEBRUARY 11--An ex-girlfriend of baseball star Roberto Alomar claims that the athlete is suffering from full-blown AIDS and insisted on having unprotected sex with her during their lengthy relationship.

The allegations against Alomar, a 12-time All-Star and Hall of Fame candidate, were leveled in a $15 million lawsuit filed by Ilya Dall. Excerpts from the 31-year-old Dall's personal injury complaint can be found here (Dall's lawsuit was filed last month in New York State Supreme Court and Alomar's attorney this week filed papers seeking to remove the matter to federal court).

According to Dall, Alomar, 41, learned he was HIV-positive in early-2006, but that the athlete long had reason to believe he might have been infected. Dall, who said she has tested negative for the disease, contends that she has suffered emotional damage and that her children may have been exposed to the virus. Days after Alomar tested positive for HIV, Dall stated that the couple visited Dr. Steven Bass, who found a 'mass' in Alomar's chest.

According to Dall, Bass, an infectious disease specialist, informed the couple that Alomar 'was suffering from full-blown AIDS.' Her complaint adds that Alomar's symptoms included 'purple skin, too sick and weak to walk, needed to be in a wheelchair at the airport, was foaming at the mouth, couldn't swallow.'

Dall claims she began having unprotected sex with Alomar in May 2002, and moved in with him in February 2005. The couple, who lived together until last October, ceased having unprotected sex after Alomar was diagnosed with AIDS, she contends. (12 pages)