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Addams Family Bust?

Good luck picking "Thing" lookalike out of police lineup

mug shot roundup

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Addams Family's "Thing" Busted?

JUNE 18--This week's mug shot roundup begins with a piece of abstract art created last Friday following a Florida man's bust for a traffic offense (as if the county jail needed more negative space). It is unclear why the 38-year-old arrestees's hand, and not his face, was photographed.

A few notes about the remaining suspects: 1) The Hello Kitty fan on page #4 was popped Sunday for driving with an invalid license; 2) Yes, 2-26-1977 is the birth date of the tattooed Illinois man, 33, on page #5. He was arrested this week for harassment; 3) The Kentucky man, 50, on page #6 was busted yesterday on a parole violation rap. The identity of the lurker who photobombed his booking session is unknown; and 4) "Tell it like it is," beckons the cranial ink on the 23-year-old Arizonan on page #13 (he was collared last Thursday for theft). Okay: That is one horrible tattoo, chief. (14 pages)