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Philanthropy Not Trump's Suit

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Philanthropy Not Trump's Suit

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JANUARY 14--There's something about this Donald Trump guy that rubs us the wrong way--and it's not the greed, arrogance, megalomania, or that golden swirl perched on his noggin.

The, um, star of NBC's "The Apprentice" is, as he is always quick to note, a New York City billionaire who has more juice than Con Ed. But when it comes to philanthropy, Trump is probably the country's least generous corporate baron.

While fellow titans like Bill Gates and David Geffen have used their charitable foundations to make many significant donations, Trump is, by comparison, an absolute cheapskate. The Donald J. Trump Foundation's most recent tax return, filed with the IRS about two months ago, shows that the developer forked over a measly $287,000 in 2002 (down from 2001's $306,000).

While those low six figures would be exemplary for an average American, it's a remarkably paltry--not to mention pathetic--sum for someone who's reportedly worth ten figures (in fact, as recently as three years ago, Trump's giving barely topped $160,000). Even the 2001 terrorist attacks couldn't get the attention of the New York native's foundation, which reported no donations to 9/11-related charities.

By comparison, Geffen, a Brooklyn native who lives in Malibu, gave $1 million to be split between the American Red Cross and police and fire widows and children's funds. Trump's longtime whipping girl Leona Helmsley, the so-called Queen of Mean, donated $5 million for the benefit of those same 9/11 NYPD and FDNY widows.

Trump, though, has made sure to donate small amounts to charities run by fellow celebrities like Russell Simmons, Chris Evert, Michael J. Fox, Derek Jeter, Walt Frazier, and Larry King.

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We need someone like Trump as President...he knows how to spend his money...not just give it away...our country gives every other country money and forgets its own people. Trump for President all the way!! !00% American.
Do you really think Trump will not "forget his own people"? You should vote for him.