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More From The "Big Brother 2" Police Blotter

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More From The "Big Brother 2" Police Blotter

When it comes to the remaining contestants on the CBS show "Big Brother 2," TSG is pulling for 29-year-old Krista Stegall, because we're pretty sure the hard-partyin' Louisiana waitress will blow the $500,000 grand prize on beer and Nyquil within six months.

We also love Krista because she initially lied to the show's producers when asked if she had ever been arrested (she recently made this admission to a fellow housemate and, by extension, to the scores watching the tedious live Internet broadcast from the BB2 house).

On March 27, Stegall and boyfriend Brandon Mouret, 23, were busted for simple battery after an argument (at 4 AM in a car) turned violent, leaving both combatants with "physical marks" indicating "battery on each other," according to a police report. But the local district attorney abandoned the case after Mouret requested that charges against his squeeze be dropped.

Stegall eventually came clean about the bust, and provided producers with a May 21 letter from the D.A. noting that he had declined prosecution. (4 pages)

Sadly, our man Mike Malin got the BB2 boot.