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Courtney Love's Domestic Disturbances

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Courtney Love's Domestic Disturbances

This will probably not come as a surprise, but it ain't easy dealing with Courtney Love--especially if you're an ex-employee trying to collect a final paycheck. In fact, three former household workers of the mercurial performer--a nanny, butler, and estate manager--recently filed complaints with the California Labor Commissioner's Division of Labor Standards Enforcement claiming Love stiffed them on salary, overtime, or severance. In each case, she had to fork over the unpaid wages, which didn't exceed $2500 in any of the three cases (documents from which follow).On June 5, the most recent judgment against Love was entered by a hearing officer who awarded $1430.33 to Laurentia "Pepe" Harrington, who managed Love's rented Beverly Hills mansion for one month last year. During a recent hearing, Harrington testified that her duties included cleaning up after Love's boyfriend and a puppy not yet house trained, organizing and color coding the star's closet, and sorting Love's books by category. Before filing her complaint with the Labor Commissioner, Harrington wrote to Love's management seeking unpaid wages. "I realize and understand that when I started working for Courtney that there were mitigating working conditions in which any anticipation of manners, consideration and/or appreciation of work would be unacknowledged." She added, "I believe that Courtney thrives on a chaotic household and micro managing people with low self esteem that can take this type of abuse." Paul Lukacs, Love's attorney, chalked up the disputes to "innocent bookkeeping errors," adding that the singer was never assessed penalties in connection with the labor complaints.

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