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Charlie Sheen Is An Odious Degenerate

Craven Jew-baiting par for the course for addled actor

Charlie Sheen

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Charlie Sheen Calls

FEBRUARY 25--After belatedly realizing that he engaged yesterday in some nasty Jew-baiting, Charlie Sheen now wants to make it clear that he’s no anti-Semite.

The actor told his stenographers at TMZ that he was just seeking to “address the man, not the bullshit TV persona” when repeatedly referring to Chuck Lorre, the creator of “Two and a Half Men," as “Chaim Levine.”

Sheen explained that was simply the Hebrew translation of Lorre’s birth name. Despite appearances, the 45-year-old Sheen claims he was not trying to cast Lorre as a greedy Jew who has become wealthy as a result of the actor’s efforts.

Sheen, a 9/11 conspiracist who also appears to dabble in Hebraic genealogy, is, even by Hollywood measures, an unmatched degenerate. Court filings in his divorce from Denise Richards (with whom he has two children) detail the depths of his deviant behavior.

Perhaps while he is busy explaining how Jews are among his best friends, Sheen can explain his use of the word “nigger” while screaming into Richards’s answering machine.

Transcripts of six vulgar and vicious messages left by Sheen were included in a Los Angeles Superior Court filing (to her credit, the actress has apparently never sought to sell the tapes).

Along with referring to Richards as a “fucking nigger,” Sheen called his estranged wife a “fucking asshole,” “fucking liar,” and “Dick face.” Richards also alleged that Sheen once shoved her to the ground and screamed, "I hope you fucking die, bitch." (2 pages)

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Carlos Irwin Estevez, aka Charlie Sheen, loser at three attempts of marriage, ashamed of his own Hispanic heritage, extensive records concerning drug abuse, addicted to kiddie porn and gay porn is out of his mind, and has an exaggerated opinion of his self-importance. Nuttier than a cocoanut pecan-walnut fruitcake.
Charlie is a total moron. He should act more like a adult and less childlike. Charlie is a SHMUCK.
Emilio Estevez will run out of money, unable to buy his viagra, cialis and ginseng roots and then we'll see him hanging out with over-the-hill trannys..
Sweet JEEBUS I absolutely *love* (in a non-gay, brotherly way) Charlie Sheen, both his character on "2 1/2 Men" and his real-life persona. Which, actually, are pretty much the same thing, as it appears he's either totally delved into playing Charlie Harper 24/7, or he simply modeled the Charlie Harper-character after himself. Either way, when I grow up, I want to be HIM. I'd love to be one of his "Entourage"-type crew members, hanging out with him would be a blast! LMFAO! (To everyone who hates him, I say this: don't hate the player, hate the game. Charlie Sheen is one h*ll of a player in the Hollywood-game! LOL)
The article didn't mean to imply that being an odious degenerate was exclusive to Charlie or that he didn't have his admirers. There are always those who will admire a racist, Jew bashing, misogynist. Congratulations.
Still trying to figure out why calling a Jewish guy by his real name is suddenly Jew bashing any more than calling Muhammad Ali by Cassius Clay was bigotry or Islam bashing. The man's momma named him, not Charlie. Charlie didn't tell him to take on a psuedonym and create a persona around it-Lorre did and so did Ali. There were a lot of Black people who didn't like calling Clay by Ali, but it had nothing to do with his religion--it had to do with the fact he was trying to be somebody other than what his momma named him as if his given name was shameful. The only men I know who change their names are running from their past--or really flamboyant Vegas entertainers.
Well, maybe it is anti-Semitic because his real name is Charles Levine and NOT Chaim Levine, unlike Carlos Estevez (Sheen's real name). He was just trying to make Chuck Lorre seem more Jewish by using a very Jewish, foreign-sounding name. That is the race-baiting part of his comment. Why doesn't Sheen go by his real name? Doesn't want people to know he is Hispanic?
You still trying to figure out why calling someone the N word is racist or beating the hell out of your wife is misogynist, as well?
The important difference here is that hating Jews, or blacks, or women isn't a crime. Pushing your wife on the ground is. The power elite in Hollywood is Jewish, and I'd bet a bump of coke Ol' Charlie knows that, and that's why he took a shot at "Chuck Lorre" because he knew it would get under his skin with a quickness. As to the other things, calling a black man a *** to his face tends to result in immediate corrective action, and I doubt Jews give two shiats what Carlos Estevez has to say about them. This sounds like a case of Charlie Sheen being an a-hole who goes for the kill by using the most hurtfull insult he can come up with to win the "fight", rather than a racist, although the result is probably the same.
RedRover, you had me at Hello. You are my hero, you are the king of kings. You are the man amoung men. I think I love you Redrover.
Yep, RedRover rocks! He sure rolled NoDuh and the other lefties on here.
loveourvets, I'm a vet, don't you love me? RedRover is ignorant
Perhaps....I'd have to know your military record. I know I don't love you now, though. I'll give you this....thanks for your service. I hope it meant something to you and that you served proudly.
Thanks,for the thanks for serving(Navy '79till'85),it is good to see you are not red's parrot.Yes the service meant ALOT to me,taught me about freedom,taught me about the world and how things are not allways how they seem. As to serving proudly, there is pride in a duty well done so yes I did. As for the love part, I wasn't fishing just trying to point out that no one knows who anyone really is on the internet.
It really gripes your arse doesn't it. You thought you'd tell this old CSM to go take a nap and he turned around and slapped you for it. Just for the record, I served AD Army from 73 to 2005 (3 year break) and retired 100% P&T. You'd better stick to calling people names sparky. As to knowing who you are, it's a piece of cake. I criticized Sheen for being a piece of garbage liberal. That upsets you. End of story.
LOL! Pleading for some love? You're a boob sparky. I'll give you another spanking if you like.
Not pleading for anything,just asking loveourvets a question. As for you Red, go spank yourself!
You're looking for love sparky. You can't handle debate. The best you can come up with are a few lame liberal talking points and petty schoolgirl insults.
Red I don't want your love!!! Just so you know(you haven't got it yet so I'll clue you in),the point of my first post was you are on this site ALL the time so you could use a nap! get it!!! Point two- you should stop calling anyone who disagrees with you a liberal or trying to demean them by calling them sparky and such THAT is petty schoolyard behaviour
The point of your first post "to tell me to take a nap' was silly and partisan. The fact is, there's a date and time stamp on my comments sparky. Clearly I'm not here all the time. My comments simply irritate you because they have a conservative take on the issue and it makes you mad as hell to be identified as the liberal you are.
Charlie Sheen's REAL name is Carlos Estevez! Hope no one decides to call him a ***! Do you think he's an illegal? Maybe we could ship him back to Mexico!
Good point, Aisha2! I always wondered why Martin Sheen changed the family names. No wonder Charlie is like he is. We can add an identity problem to the rest of his frailties. Seems since Emilio kept his real name, we don't hear much about him, good nor bad. Maybe he stays out of the limelight because he doesn't have the need to shine like the other Sheens.
Emilio is very versitile. He acts, directs, and writes. Emilio wrote and directed a film that his father appears in. They were in the middle of a promotional tour when Charlie went apeshiat. I don't think either Martin or Emilio would have made any public statements about Charlie if they hadn't been on a tour when it started. They get asked about Charlie every time they do an interview. I feel sorry for them. Martin's real name is Ramon Estevez. That's still his legal name. I don't know if Charle ever legally changed his name, but he was born "Carlos Estevez."
Martin Sheen did not "change" the family name. He just took the name Sheen as a stage name, much like a stripper named "Mercedes". His real legal name is Martin (pronounced Mar-teen) Estevez. Charlie Sheen just took it to bank off his father's famous name as he knew he had no real bankable talent. Emilio is the only one in the family who is clinically sane and not a smelly liberal a-hole.
You two should just take it out in the parking lot already!
Who Cares! He is paid to be an actor not a moral leader, he's human and therefore by his very nature he is flawed. breast actives
When people become this flawed, regular folks refer to them as "odious degenerates" and rightfully shun them. Others give them a pass. They are odious too.
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Redrover would just wake up still smarter than all you lefties and be rested, too.
Appreciate that.
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It's true, I have a closed mind all right. However, that puts me one ahead of you. I have a functional mind.
Just because I don't agree with you doesn't mean my mind is not functional, in fact,some would say the opposite is true!
In your case it does. You have simply gratuitously attacked me, not giving the slightest clue what exactly it is you disagree with me about.
Who attacked Whom?
You sparky. I'm still waiting for you to get past the nap thing and tell me in what way you disagree that "Charlie Sheen is an odious degenerate".
learn to read! I didn't disagree that sheen is an ass.i said Its not because liberal!!!
Then we finally understand where we disagree then! Of course it's because he's a liberal. Were he a conservative, he'd have been ostracized long ago, hit rock bottom and gotten his act together. As it is, he is famously liberal, his father is famously liberal and liberals are here making excuses for him by trying to compare his behavior to that of famously ruined conservatives. Yet....... Charlie still has a career. Thanks to folks like you.
like glen beck?
Glen Beck?! You seem determined to make my point. What does Beck have to do with this conversation...... other than being vehemently against the current administration? Which of course, to liberals makes him a racist by implication? You see my friend, I can spot a liberal here so easily that it's as though you self-identified the context of your comment before even posting it.
Just because I don't agree with you doesn't mean my mind is not functional, in fact,some would say the opposite is true!
Some would. I wouldn't.
Charlie Sheen Is An Odious Degenerate
Yes, But not because he's a liberal!
That's exactly why sparky. Were he a conservative, he'd have long since been run out of the business.
What,like Mel gibson,arnie Schwarzenegger,charlton heston,ronald reagan and so on ad nauseum?, your logic is up your ass! Next to your tiny fragment of Brain!!!!
Actually sparky, you don't make any sense at all. Gibson has been ostracized. You wanted him killed? What does Reagan have to do with anything? Do you have a fever?
No fever,You said conservatives get run out of the entertainment industry. Reagan was an entertainer and I'm told he was a conservative though he was the most recent president to raise the gas tax. He also TRIPELED the national debt!