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ABC Alters A Bond Girl

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ABC Alters A Bond Girl

The ABC television network, which recently broadcast the racy Victoria's Secret lingerie show and has shown the posteriors of many "NYPD Blue" stars--including the lumpy rear of Detective Andy Sipowicz--has apparently turned a bit prudish.

As part of its weekly "Bond Picture Show," ABC aired "Diamonds are Forever" Saturday night (3/2) with a rather curious digital alteration, TSG has discovered.

In scenes featuring Bond girl Plenty O'Toole, the ABC version magically added a black bra on the body of actress Lana Wood where one had not previously existed in the 1971 film. It's unclear why the digital addition was done, since Wood's character shows nothing that would have even jeopardized the flick's original PG rating.

The ABC version also included a little colorization as well--Wood's skimpy panties changed from tan to black to match her new brassiere.

What follows are a few screen captures from both the original film and the version ABC just aired. In case you don't remember the film, before poor Plenty can tryst with Bond, she is accosted in 007's hotel room by a trio of bad guys who proceed to toss her out the window. (3 pages)