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Britney Spears's "Faux" Wedding

Pop star's doomed marriage started with a staged 2004 ceremony

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Britney Spears's "Faux" Wedding

NOVEMBER 8--With Britney Spears filing for divorce from Kevin Federline, we decided to reprise the legal agreement entered into by the couple prior to their October 2004 wedding.

At the time, Spears and Federline apparently were itching to get hitched, though negotiations over their pre-nuptial agreement had yet to be finalized. So the couple brought in the lawyers to draft a separate document regarding their planned "faux" marriage and "alleged" wedding ceremony.

With no prenup in place, the couple signed the agreement--which was first obtained by Us Weekly--in advance of their purported September 18, 2004 "wedding." They agreed that their blessed union would not be legally valid until the pair later finalized details of Federline's dowry.

In her divorce petition, Spears lists October 6, 2004 as the date of her marriage to Federline. Both the September 2004 "faux" wedding agreement and the Spears divorce complaint were drafted by Laura Wasser, one of Los Angeles's leading divorce lawyers. (4 pages)