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Cops: Crime Spree Prompted By Zombie Fears

Illinois man's meltdown fueled by drugs

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Zombie Fears

MARCH 6--Fearful of an impending zombie apocalypse, an agitated Illinois allegedly man stole a car, rammed the vehicle into an airport terminal, and then made his way onto the tarmac, where he boarded a vacant plane in an apparent bid to escape the undead invaders.

Justin Deemie, 27, was indicted today on several felony charges related to a bizarre drug-fueled spree last month in Peoria. Locked up in lieu of $500,000 bond, Deemie  is charged with burglary, home invasion, criminal damage, and possession of a stolen vehicle.

Pictured at right, Deemie faces up to 30 years in prison if convicted of the felony counts.

According to investigators, Deemie was under the influence of narcotics on February 17 when he became convinced that a zombie invasion was nigh. Deemie is accused of breaking into the home of a neighbor, Larhonda Gonzalez, around 3 AM and stealing the keys to her Ford Escape.

Deemie then drove the stolen SUV to the Peoria airport, where he sought to crash into the terminal. He then somehow bypassed security and got aboard an empty plane parked on the tarmac.

Deemie subsequently fled the stationary plane and, with the aid of a brick, tried to break into a Peoria County Sheriff’s Office squad car that was parked nearby. As first reported by the Journal Star, Deemie planned to drive the cop car to Florida.

Deputies eventually apprehended Deemie as he fled on foot from the patrol vehicle. Court records do not indicate what specific substance (or substances) caused Deemie to think that zombies were pursuing him. Or why he thought Florida was a safe place to seek shelter. (5 pages)