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Naked Man Said He Did Shrooms With Jesus

Kentucky suspect, 41, was covered in blood, mud

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Jesus Shrooms

JULY 16--After breaking into a Kentucky home, a naked man explained to police that he had “used mushrooms with Jesus and that they were playing a virtual reality video game together” before his apprehension, police say.

While en route to a 911 call about a “male subject running down the roadway completely nude and hitting passing vehicles with his hands,” cops early today got a second call about a residential burglary in progress in the same Owensboro neighborhood.

Upon arriving at the home around 1:30 AM, officers encountered John Stefanopoulos “standing in the residence.” The 41-year-old Stefanopoulos--who does not live in the property--was “completely nude and had a substantial amount of blood and mud on his body.”

When Stefanopoulos rushed cops after ignoring orders to get on the ground, he was tasered and handcuffed following a brief struggle.

The front door of the home where Stefanopoulos was found had been forced open and there were “holes punched in the drywall, blood smeared on several walls and windows of the residence, and several broken pieces of glass lying on the floor.”

It was after being read his rights that Stefanopoulos kept repeating that he used hallucinogenic mushrooms with Jesus, and that the duo had played a virtual reality video game.

Seen above, Stefanopoulos was arrested for an assortment of offenses, including indecent exposure, burglary, public intoxication, and menacing. Stefanopoulos was alone when apprehended.

Stefanopoulos works as a sales associate with an Owensboro realty firm, and he is also a licensed chiropractor. (2 pages)