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Sex Toy Assault Case Dropped By Prosecutors

Florida woman was accused of battery on girlfriend


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Strap-On Dismissal

SEPTEMBER 20--Prosecutors have decided not to pursue felony assault charges against the Florida woman arrested last month for allegedly trying to batter her girlfriend with a “female sex toy."

The State Attorney’s Office decision not to file an aggravated assault charge against Jantavia Taylor was disclosed in a recent Circuit Court filing. The case was bounced after the alleged victim signed a waiver of prosecution, prosecutor Rebecca Muller Thompson told TSG.

Taylor, 21, was arrested on August 15 after a Bradenton Police Department officer responded to an assault call at the home Taylor shared with girlfriend Tamara Cadet. According to a police report, Cadet, 23, said that she and Taylor “became involved in an argument and that Ms. Taylor then grabbed a knife from an unknown location and began to chase her with it.” Cadet said she fled the couple’s home and ran a block before Taylor gave up the chase.

When questioned by the cop, Taylor denied brandishing a knife, saying that, “the only thing that she threw at Ms. Cadet trying to strike her was a female sex toy (Strap on Penis).” A subsequent police canvas for the purported weapon determined that, “The sex toy was located across the street in the yard of another residence.”

Taylor, pictured in the above mug shot, was arrested in late-January on a misdemeanor domestic battery rap after an argument (about money and their relationship) with Cadet turned violent. At the time of her bust, Taylor claimed that Cadet was “heavily involved in the drug trade and often carrys a gun,” according to a police report. The case was dropped by prosecutors on March 2.

Court records show that Taylor’s criminal history dates back a decade (to when she was 11) and includes ten juvenile arrests, a probation violation, and a collar for a battery that was committed while she was in jail.

At the time of her August 15 dildo assault arrest, Taylor reported that she worked at Popeyes. A subsequent court filing lists her as unemployed. (2 pages)