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"Sex Poodle" Case Gets Curbed

Insufficient evidence to back claims against Al Gore

Al Gore

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Al Gore Police Report

JULY 30--Struggling with his emotions during a police interview last week, former Vice President Al Gore vehemently denied an Oregon woman’s claim that he fondled and groped her during a 2006 massage at a Portland hotel.

In a July 22 interview with cops, Gore--who was accompanied by two lawyers--was asked about masseuse Molly Hagerty’s claim that he forced her to touch an “intimate area of his body.” According to investigators, “Gore’s face became flushed and he stammered slightly as he responded, ‘Absolutely not!’”

The Portland Police Bureau’s report of their interview with Gore (a copy of which you’ll find below) was included in 180 pages of investigative documents released today after prosecutors announced that there was insufficient evidence to prosecute Gore for the purported sex assault.

In a strange January 2009 statement to police, Hagerty, 54, described Gore as a "crazed sex poodle" who pinned her to a bed in his hotel suite, forcibly French kissed her, and groped her breasts. Additionally, she claimed Gore had a "violent temper as well as extremely dictatorial commanding attitude besides his Mr. Smiley Global Warming concern persona."

Hagerty told cops that Gore had shoved her hand “under the sheet to his pubic hair area, my fingers brushing against his penis and firmly planted my hand on his pubic crest region.” She told of being petrified during the encounter and how she had to bolt the room to avoid being raped.

When asked by Portland cops if he had any reason to believe Hagerty was “uncomfortable or fearful,” Gore said he “had to contain his anger” when he learned of this claim since he recalled her having a “particularly pleasant demeanor…and not appearing upset in any way.” Gore added that he was “completely baffled” by Hagerty’s claim that she fled the room visibly distressed and shaken.

At one point during his police interview, Gore said that Hagerty’s allegations--first aired in the National Enquirer--angered him because of the resulting “pain it caused him and his family.” Cops noted that Gore “told us how he struggled to control the emotion raised by the reports and it became apparent he was struggling with this as we spoke.”

Included in the other records released today was a report detailing a July 7 interview with Hagerty. During that session, Hagerty disclosed that she had previously failed a polygraph test arranged by one of her many previous attorneys. Before providing this information, Hagerty asked investigators to stop taking notes because she did not want the admission memorialized in a police report.

Hagerty also added a bizarre new detail to her account, telling police that she called Gore’s hotel room after the alleged incident and reminded him about the need to drink extra water post-massage. She then told him to “dream of red headed women tonight,” according to a police report excerpted here. Concerned that he would complain to hotel staff about her, Hagerty, who has auburn colored hair, explained that she “called him so he would take the event ‘to the dream world’ and, therefore, be less likely to raise a complaint with the hotel.”

The records also reveal that Hagerty refused to answer police questions about whether she was paid for her cooperation with the Enquirer.

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Keldog, Your argument lacks any credibility due to a lack of proper grammar & outright biased garbage! It is obvious you have never met a run-on sentence you didn't like. Don't you have spell check? It is spelled MISTRESS not mistriss. Please don't say it was a typing error because the E and I are not close enough to have caused an error like that. As far as the lie detector is concerned, there is a reason they are not used as evidence in a court of law. They are not fail proof, can be affected by medication, emotions, & other such factors. It is quite interesting how you jumped to only republican politicians that were inappropriate. What happened to mention of Clinton or John Edwards? One of them was getting blow jobs in the oval office the other cheated on his wife as she was suffering from cancer. In my opinion Edwards is more disgusting of the two I chose to mention. He got his MISTRESS pregnant and paid an aide to claim responsibility for the child. Does this make it any less disgusting when a republican commits such acts? It was just as deplorable when Gingrich cheated, John Ensign cheated, or any politician whether democrat or republican. I found another comment just as laughable about biased, uneducated, racists. Really? You are whining about racist but then say biased, uneducated, & WHITE! Do you even pay attention to the garbage the spews out of you? So what part of your comment wasn't racist, or biased? As far as fear mongering is concerned you may want to do a bit of research on the subject. The media & politicians have long used fear to justify bigger government, it happens on both sides of the aisle. I bet you are gullible enough to believe that 95% of doctors are for Obamacare.
The entire case is about relieving stress. Stress associated with a mental disorder. GID is a medical disorder that causes the sufferer severe stress. Having a sex change operation relieves that stress, ergo, it is tax deductible.
I love it when sex crimes are dismissed for "insufficient evidence". Such a great innuendo.
Do former VPs get Secret Service protection like former Presidents? The SS agents assigned to him should be able to backup his story. Was he even at the hotel on the day this supposedly happened? Maybe it was some dude who looked enough like Al Gore to masquerade as him. She doesn't sound like the kind of woman who would be able to tell the difference.
Mr. Internet said he ordered a "text message" not a "sex massage". It is understadable that the therapist was upset. She said she was forced to reach for and click his "mouse". Mr. Gore, please press your own "Any" key to continue............
algore is such a wonderful man, how could anyone accuse him of something nasty. He invented the internet, discovered global whatever and taught Clinton how to get blowed.
Joel, your ignorance is appalling to say the least. Here we have a woman making bizarre, unsubstantiated charges against a highly respected man who never, ever before has been accused of this kind of behavior, unlike many other politicians, (Think, GOP congressman seducung male pages, (did that true story raise your ire?), GOP Governor dissappearing for many days, abandoning his civil and family responsibilities, putting his job on hold, to visit his mistriss in SA There is no evidence against Gore, no DNA, (where did you get that nutty idea), and the police decided they had no case to pursue. Unless you're a believer in some wild conspiracy, a la Beck, you should ask yourself why you would believe such a piece of nonsense given the fact that there is zero evidence to support her malicious claim. This woman failed a lie detector test, for one of her "many" attorneys, and is gold-digger, plain and simple. Fact Check for Joel: Gore never said he invented the internet. He said he served on the committee voted for the initial funding to the military to develop the internet. All TRUE! Your phrase 'global whatever' is more proof of ignorance. Only about 95% of the world's Climate Scientists agree that it's happening, and accelerating. I guess you are sufficiently versed in climate change to be a 'non-believer'. I suspect you know nothing about about it, and have read little of the research, or simply are not paying attention. I understand where you are coming from. The right wing strategy, "Ignore the facts; breed hate, fear, divisiveness, and ignorance whenever and wherever possible". It is most effective with angry, biased, relatively uneducated, not to mention racist, whites.
"A highly respected man???" Maybe where you live keldog but not in most of his native Tennessee where I live. He's a pompous ass and comes from a family that uses political power to gain things they want. He's a purebred Washingtonian who attended elite schools and has nothing in common with his "folks back home". As far as your other comments, I'm not versed in any of those areas. I DO know as far as your climate change crap, the temps have see-sawed up and down for hundreds of years. When I was in school in the sixties, we were scared as hell of the coming ice age that was predicted. As far as your scientists, they'd kiss Gore's butt and many others to keep their work funded and be able to make the payments on the Prius. Highly respected? Very funny!
After years of frustration, Al Gore finally gets his happy ending.
Ok.. now I understand.. Republican? We need to file those RAPE charge just because of the appearance of impropriety and to protect the WOMEN But for Democrats human DNA testable ejaculate isn't enough evidence and the woman is a LIAR.. Next thing you know FEMINIST will not be fighting for the rights of woman to NOT be STONED or wear BURKAs in backwards countries. lets just check with Mrs Gore.. she seems to have been the JURY here, what did she decide?
Flagging as Inappropriate cauz I dont understand. LOL
Could it be possible that the lack of evidence was predicated on the fact there's a lot of Democrat Belief systems there and a lot of things that could go missing like *X10s in glossey that would still keep safe the Old Tin Woodsman