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Cops: Worker Burgled Home For Sex Doll

Item found in home of man who had just died

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OCTOBER 13--A funeral home worker responsible for transporting dead bodies in a Nebraska county is suspected of having an intimate encounter with a life-sized sex doll he found in the apartment of a deceased person, according to court records.

Investigators say Ryan Smith, 41, and a colleague were dispatched last week to a home at the Rock Creek Apartments in Omaha to collect the body of an individual who died there.

"Near the body on the bed was a very real life size" sex doll, an investigator reported.

Police allege that Smith subsequently called the property manager and claimed that the local sheriff had asked him to remove the sex doll "to collect swabs for biopsy."

Smith’s "strange request" was denied by the manager, who later returned to the apartment to discover that Smith was inside the unit (which had been locked with a deadbolt and chain).

After Smith exited the home with his shirt untucked and his pants in "disarray," the property manager called cops, who later busted Smith on a felony burglary charge. A post-arrest examination revealed the sex doll to be "sticky" and it appeared that "something had rubbed her inner thighs," police noted.

A deputy collected the sex doll "so that I could have her processed for DNA."

Pictured above, Smith was fired from his job with Mid America First Call, which, according to its website, specializes in “removals, transportation, embalming, cremations, and ship-outs.” (4 pages)