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Woman Busted For Ground Beef Battery

Attack occurred in Walmart potato chip aisle

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Meat Beating

MAY 13--Responding to a report of a disturbance in the potato chip aisle of a Walmart in Ohio, police Tuesday arrested a Cleveland woman for allegedly striking a female victim in the face with a 10-pound log of ground beef.

The confrontation at the store in South Euclid, a Cleveland suburb, involved two women--Maneka Garner and Precious Jackson--who once lived in the same duplex, cops say. Jackson, 36, who was battered with the ground beef, previously secured a protection order against the 25-year-old Garner.

According to police, when the pair spotted each other, Garner threatened to beat up Jackson (as well as her seven-year-old daughter, who was with Jackson at Walmart).

Garner, cops say, pulled down Jackson's mask and attempted to spit on her. When she missed the target, Garner reached into Jackson’s shopping cart and removed the prepackaged meat log, which she then used to strike the victim "a couple of times in the face," cops charge.

In the "Weapons Used" section of a South Euclid Police Department report, the ground beef is described as a "blunt object." The meat logs, seen in the above police photo, retail for around $22.

Pictured at right, Garner, who was shopping with her five-year-old child, was arrested for assault and violating a temporary protective order. Custody of the minor was turned over to a relative.

According to police, Garner has a “history of violent behavior” and is the subject of multiple active arrest warrants. Garner today pleaded not guilty to the two misdemeanor charges during her arraignment in South Euclid Municipal Court.