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Man In Nazi Uniform Busted

Tennessean in offensive outfit nabbed for public intox

Nazi uniform

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Man In Nazi Uniform Busted

JANUARY 4--Meet Michael Amyx.

The Tennessee man, 28, was wearing a Nazi military uniform when he was arrested Saturday for public intoxication. While arguing with his father, Amyx placed several calls to 911, which brought a Sullivan County Sheriff's Office deputy to his home.

As reported by Kingsport's Times-News, Amyx, who smelled of alcohol and appeared to be drunk, was standing outside the residence wearing a Nazi uniform (as seen in the mug shot at left). In a General Sessions Court affidavit, a cop noted that, "Upon arrival, I met the defendant outside, he was dressed in a Nazi military uniform, appeared intoxicated, having the odor of an alcoholic beverage about his person."

It is unclear, however, why Amyx was wearing the outfit. (2 pages)