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Man Jailed For Pizza Battery On Roommate

Cops: Probationer struck victim with hot slice

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Pizza Battery

JUNE 8--A probationer is behind bars for allegedly throwing a hot slice of pizza at his female roommate during an argument in their Florida apartment.

According to police, Daniel Plunkett and Brenda Fiejdasz “had an argument about pizza” last Wednesday evening inside their Treasure Island residence. The nature of the pizza dispute is not further described in a criminal complaint.

During the quarrel, Plunkett, 50, allegedly threw a slice at Fiejdasz, 56, who was struck in the left hand by the pizza. “The pizza was hot, victim had no injury,” an officer noted, adding, “Victim had pizza sauce on her right shoulder, and cleaned up prior to arrival.”

After being read his rights, Plunkett denied throwing the pizza. Instead, Plunkett--who had pizza sauce on his chest and shorts--claimed that Fiejdasz “threw pizza on him.”

Pictured above, Plunkett was arrested for simple battery, a misdemeanor. He was also charged with violating the terms of his felony probation stemming from convictions for drunk driving and driving with a license that had been suspended or revoked.

Plunkett is being held without bond on the probation violation counts. (1 page)