Lawsuit: Doctor Branded Patient's Uterus

Dr. James Guiler

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Lawsuit: Doctor Branded Patient's Uterus

VIDEO UPDATE: As seen below, we've obtained footage of the actual branding, which was recorded by a small camera inserted in the patient's stomach.

A Kentucky woman claims that a doctor branded her uterus with the initials of his alma mater during an operation to remove the organ last year, according to a lawsuit filed Wednesday.

Stephanie Means, a 38-year-old school administrator, alleges that while Dr. James Guiler (picture at left) performed an August 14 hysterectomy at Central Baptist Hospital in Lexington, he "used a cauterizing instrument to intentionally brand the letters 'UK,' approximately 4-5 cm in height, on Plaintiff Stephanie Means's uterus."

Means's lawsuit, a copy of which you'll find here, notes that since she and her husband were apprehensive about the surgery, Guiler filmed the procedure and gave the couple a copy of the videotape, which, the Fayette Circuit Court lawsuit states, "clearly showed the instrument being used to brand Stephanie's uterus."

Guiler, a 1976 graduate of the University of Kentucky College of Medicine, was a sponsor of a 2001 fundraiser benefitting UK's basketball museum. (4 pages)

2/20 UPDATE: Nine more women claim Guiler branded them.

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Its really a nice stuff the women claims that ,a doctor branded her uterus with the initials of his alma mater during an operation to remove the organ. i dont think the doctor has done this because the doctors are survivor, how this will happened. private high school southern california
The lack of respect for women by doctors and society reveals an attitude that encourages what would be unacceptable behavior toward men. It is not unlike the treatment of all oppressed groups. This should be prosecuted as a hate crime against women. The female organs are not medical waste. When a diseased uterus is removed it is examined by a pathologist to determine the extent of the disease. An act such as this may indicate that doctor committed two crimes. It calls into question whether the uterus was diseased, or if he removed a normal organ, in addition to defiling the organ after it was removed. Defiling a corpse, that is mutilating a corpse, is a crime that is prosecuted by the criminal court. A dead body is not medical waste, and is expected to be treated respectfully, professionally and ethically. The court system does not condone abuse of a corpse or a body part. How would you feel if your daughter or mother's dead body was raped or mutilated by the coroner?
Just imagine what this creepy doctor was thinking when he did that? What else might this creep do? I think it gives an inside view of what gynecologists think they are doing when they amputate women's sex organs. It turns them on and they want to mark their prey like a dog pissing on a fire hydrant.
Hmmmmm. If it's being removed and will be thrown out with medical waste, who cares? Yeah he shouldn't have done it but I can think of far worse things a doctor could do. She wasn't injured like some other woman have been when other doctors carved names or whatever into their uteruses. I can understand if the woman is having a c section and will keep her uterus but if it's being taken out and thrown away who cares?