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Police: Man Forced Woman To Watch "Roots"

Defendant allegedly wanted victim to “better understand her racism”

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Roots Arrest

FEBRUARY 18--An Iowa man held a female acquaintance captive and forced her to watch “Roots” so that she “could better understand her racism,” according to a criminal complaint.

Investigators allege that Robert Lee Noye, 52, yesterday forced Jill Shelton, 37, to sit with him and watch the program about slavery. Shelton allegedly was held against her will inside a small Cedar Rapids home (seen below) she has shared with Noye.

Shelton told police that when she tried to move, Noye “threatened her to remain seated and watch the movie with him” or else he would “kill her and spread her body parts across I-380 on the way to Chicago,” the complaint charges.

Noye, pictured at right, was arrested for felony harassment and false imprisonment, a misdemeanor. He was booked into the Linn County jail and released from custody last night. A judge has ordered Noye to have no contact with Shelton.

Court records show that Noye and Shelton have been involved in a tumultuous relationship spanning nearly two decades, with both parties filing for multiple restraining orders against the other person.

The criminal complaint does not reveal whether Shelton was allegedly forced to watch the original nine-hour “Roots” miniseries or subsequent remakes based on Alex Haley’s novel.

Noye is scheduled for a March 6 pre-trial hearing in District Court. Noye’s rap sheet includes convictions for felony narcotics possession; assault; criminal mischief; probation violation; and marijuana possession. (1 page)