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Cops: Hospital Worker Sucked On Patient's Toes

Defendant, 23, said he was "vulnerable at the time"

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Hospital Toe Battery

MARCH 9--A hospital employee is facing a felony battery charge after he allegedly sucked on the toes of an elderly female patient at a Florida hospital, records show.

Police arrested Frantz Eddy Beldorin, 23, after he allegedly victimized the sleeping senior late last month at Gulf Coast Hospital in Fort Myers. Beldorin, seen at right, worked at the hospital as a “sitter” who monitored fractious patients overnight.

As alleged in a probable cause statement, Beldorin was watching a female patient “to keep her from getting out bed due to flight risk” when he targeted the woman’s roommate, whose bed was separated by a curtain.

The victim told police that she first felt her right foot being touched around 11 PM, but thought it was a “nurse checking for swelling on my feet and ankles.” The patient added that, “Sometime later I felt it again.”

The third time the woman’s foot was touched, she recalled, “it felt wet in between my toes.” When the patient looked up, “there was a man on his knees next to my bed and his head bent over my foot.” The woman said she yanked her foot away and “the man left to go back to the chair he occupied that night.”

According to the probable cause filing, the alleged assailant, later identified as Beldorin, subsequently “poked his head around the curtain” and asked the victim, “Are we ok?” The woman then summoned a nurse, who contacted hospital security.

During questioning by a sheriff’s deputy, Beldorin reportedly admitted that he “walked over to the victim’s bed while she was asleep.” Beldorin, the cop reported, “stated that he had no reason as to why he licked the victim’s foot but that he was vulnerable at the time and could not help his actions.”

Beldorin, who has worked at the hospital for four years, has been charged with battery on a person 65 years of age or older. He has pleaded not guilty to the felony count and is free on $1500 bond in advance of a March 30 Circuit Court appearance.

A judge has ordered Beldorin to have no contact with the victim, whose identity and exact age have been redacted from court filings. (2 pages)