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Man Paid Boys For Worn Socks, Bare Feet Pix

Creep, 37, facing corruption of minors counts

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Dirty Socks Creep

DECEMBER 17--A Pennsylvania man is facing multiple criminal charges after allegedly asking two boys to send him pictures of their bare feet “for the purpose of sexual gratification,” and then meeting up with them in a local park to purchase their worn socks.

Investigators charge that Christopher Minnier, 37, recently communicated with the juveniles via “SnapChat, Instagram and/or Facebook Messenger.” During these contacts, Minnier requested photos of the boys’s bare feet, according to a criminal complaint.

The messages sent by Minnier “appeared to be, at times, sexual in nature,” investigators allege.

The juveniles--both of whom sent Minnier photos of their bare feet--knew Minnier (seen at right) through his work as an EMT for the local youth football program, the complaint states.

In early-October, Minnier met both boys at a Lancaster County park and paid each of them $50 for their used socks.

In an October 1 SnapChat message to the juveniles, Minnier expressed concern that the boys had been telling others about “the feet thing.” Minnier wrote, “You guys need to stop telling everyone about the feet thing. Seriously now you got the girls asking about it. It’s not funny and I could get in trouble.”

Minnier’s admonition to the two minors apparently was prompted by his online interaction with a third juvenile, from whom Minnier wanted photos “below the shoulders and above the knees.” Additionally, Minnier sought to purchase the minor’s dirty socks for $100.

The third juvenile, who never met with Minnier, apparently is a junior extortionist. In an October 1 SnapChat message, the boy told Minnier that he “knew what he was doing and wanted $500.00 or else he would tell the police and Minnier’s employer that he was speaking to underage children.”

Minnier responded to the threat by giving the juvenile $500 via PayPal. But when the youth demanded $2000 more for his silence, Minnier “refused and came to the police station to report the incident,” according to the complaint.

The subsequent police investigation resulted in the filing of three misdemeanor corruption of minors charges against Minnier. The three counts represent Minnier’s interactions with the three boys, including the juvenile who extorted hush money from him. (3 pages)