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Cops: Drug Suspect Ate Crack Pipe

Oklahoma man busted for trying to destroy evidence

Crack pipe

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Swallowed Crack Pipe

OCTOBER 12--Meet Eljuan Heath.

In an apparent bid to destroy evidence, the Oklahoma man allegedly ate a glass crack pipe after cops Sunday responded to a report that the suspect was selling marijuana outside a convenience store.

Heath, pictured in the mug shot at right, was busted by Tulsa police inside a QuikTrip mart. Police sought to arrest Heath, 41, after he was spotted putting a beer in his pocket without paying for it, according to a Tulsa Police Department report.

But as the suspect struggled with officers, a cop reported spotting the suspect removing a crack pipe from his pocket and, “putting the crack pipe in his mouth and chewing it up in an attempt to destroy the evidence (crack pipe).”

The police report does not detail the size of the pipe or how much of the item Heath actually ingested.

Heath, whose lenghty rap sheet includes multiple narcotics arrests, was collared for larceny, destroying evidence, and resisting arrest. He is being held without bond and is scheduled for an October 18 court hearing.

Oklahoma Department of Corrections records show that Heath was freed from prison in March after serving nearly two years in custody for a cocaine distribution conviction. As part of his release, Heath was ordered to wear an ankle monitoring bracelet. The GPS-equipped device, which was due to be removed later this month, was in place when he was busted Sunday. (2 pages)

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Victimless crime? PLEASE ! This loser has a long rap sheet, just got out of prison, was resisting arrest, committing theft, selling drugs.. oh and had a crack pipe... just because ..
So we are going to punish a man for punishing himself. Victimless crime laws make no sense to me.
Hey, Mr. Wee Wee, bend over for Barack. Take it like a man.
What a 'crack' up..!!!
That's a tough dude, if you can eat a glass pipe!