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Indiana Cops Bust Man Wearing Only Olive Oil

Suspect: "I’m from New York. Can’t I do this here?”

Extra Virgin Olive Oil

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Oiled and Nude

MAY 26--Responding to a call about a naked guy sunbathing, cops in Mishawaka, Indiana arrived at a local park Tuesday afternoon to discover a smiling Michael Donte Booth in the altogether. His nudity “was deliberate and not a wardrobe malfunction,” police concluded, according to an arrest report.

A survey of the crime scene determined that Booth’s shorts and underwear were several feet away from the blanket upon which he was laying on his back “with his entire genitals showing.” Nearby, officers found the book “Gay Power,” a “Kroger bottle of extra virgin olive oil,” two cans of Miller beer, and Marlboro cigarettes.

“Sweating all over his body,” Booth, 26, appeared to have drizzled himself with the olive oil. While his clothes smelled of marijuana, no contraband was recovered by cops, who noted that the suspect was “acting very unusual.”

Booth, who “kept smiling wide eyed at officers,” told police, “I’m from New York. Can’t I do this here?” He continued, “I’m a Republican and the cigarettes pay your taxes.” In response to those nonsensical observations, officers “quickly detained him in cuffs and using the blanket for cover inside a police mechanical.”

Though it can be a very permissive place, Gotham still considers full-frontal sunbathing to be illegal, despite the contention of Booth, a “jazz/lounge/R&B” singer whose MySpace page features him covering Dinah Washington and Dionne Warwick. Booth, who uses the handle “A New Diva,” can also be seen in a YouTube video channeling Peggy Lee.

Along with public indecency and public intoxicaton charges, Booth was hit with a third misdemeanor count, “false informing,” for initially lying to officers about his identity. He is being held in the St. Joseph County Jail in lieu of $200 bond. (1 page)

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First of all, he is giving you the business. Secondly, he's fabulous.. That pose easily forms a kata into the exploding heart technique. And thirdly, I guarantee his complexion looks great, even after spending a night in the clink. Augment that with singing/songwriting/acting/producing, and you have a force.
Do farts have lumps, otherwise I just pooped in my pants.
If the perp had been a straight white man the story would still be bizarre and worthy of comment and derision. We can do without the racism and homophobia.
What's a police mechanical?
police car...yeah I know, most folks refer to it as the rear of the "service vehicle", "police van" "marked service unit", etc but for some reason the writer used the term "mechanical"....strange...
Note the quotation marks.
I guess he wanted to marinate himself..
Why is this clown's photo taken with this loon taking up a classical Chinese Black Dragon weak side forward fighting stance??? Very poor open fist lead hand. Show me of a picture as they tazed this clown into compliance!
But for all those who do care this is Sarah Palins running mate in 2012 oh those nights of rubbing olive oil all over there bodies after a hard day on the trail sarah getting something large enough to fit into her big mouth and a Soon to be released oh i mean leaked sex tape due out in the near future
Who cares with all else that is going on around us people are in an uproar over this. Get over it people
Sounds like some kinda misguided, half-baked attempt at a publicity stunt for his music career. I bet he thought it was genius after his 20th bong hit.
"Half-baked"? Depends on how long he was in the sun...
What's the big deal, he's a Libertine but just doesn't know what it's called.
A pot smokin' Miller drinkin' naked olive oil covered lying gay black perv. He's like THE poster child for the dumbocrats! He's perfect! Oh, BO will have him over to the White House next week!!!
More like the poster boy for the Baggers
You know, before you get too far into the "sexual pervs" == Democrats thing, you need to do some more reserch about your fellow Republicans. A number of WELL KNOWN high level Republicans have been caught doing some quite pervy things. And more than a few fail the Family Values test because of adultery...
What bothers you more? That he's gay or that he's black? Take your time, we'll wait.
Is he Black&Gay or is he Gay&Black ?
This is the type of drama queen Republicans love to elect. If he wasn't gay, he'd probably be Sarah Palin's running mate.
Just another slippery Republican with his own bottle of olive oil, no wonder why these Republicans are always able to wiggle out of Paul Ryan's kill medicare/medicade scams....
Not in 2012. We are witnessing a mass suicide and the media has front row seats. It's gonna be fun! Republicans - "All of it, on green."
A nude gay Black Republican artist? The rapture is more believable.
Now that's funny...
another Republican comes out.
Hmmm, let's see, a cigarette (left-handed) smoking Republican w/ an olive oiled body, pub(l)ic nudity, under the influence of substances & self will (entitlement). Something smells here. He lied @ his ID, butt also @ his political affiliation. Republicans wouldn't act like that. He's a Dumocrat! Republicans would at least use designer olive oil.
To Germ & Working LIberal: You both understood what I meant!
Maybe they did, but your complete lack of eloquence obscured any point which you attempted to make.
Dumocrat? You can't even spell "dumb". People in glass houses...
Left-handed? Friendly FYI - @ means "at" not "about".
When he appears before a judge, he'll probably say, "Sorry your honor, oil try to be a law abiding citizen from now on." **dodges rotten tomatoes thrown my way** I'll get my coat...
this Chombo is just not running on all 8 cylinders - who the hell does he think he is>? this is just the type of behavior that infuriates people - infect yourselves with aids in private but try to get in my face with it you place yourself in serious risk of grievous bodily harm - why does this aberrant lifestyle have to tolerated public? this idiot is obviously a degenerate with no redeeming qualities a$$hole
I wish you a gay son.
Man the comment I made about wrestlers being Homos offended you now you wish ths person a gay son Damn Liberals always talking outta their butts
And I wish you a son that's a conservative...
Yes, you're obviously NOT a bigoted degenerate assuming that all gay people are AIDS ridden. And it's abhorrent you f|_|cking retard.
The slippery suspect said he was a Republican so the cops would go easier on him? As if it's common knowledge that Republicans do that sort of thing all the time plus be gay and smoke pot, too? And did he put extra extra virgin olive oil on his weiner in hopes of attracting a hungry Greek or Italian man? He reminds me of Richard Hatch when he was on "Survivor".....what is it about some gay men who think everyone wants to see their Johnsons? Only mentally ill perverts think like that and to do it in a public park where children could see proves he's a pedophile as well. I say, toss him in jail (or in a salad) and throw away the key.
shiat got real.