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Bizarre Letters Sent By Facebook Stalker

California man was “ready to die” for Mark Zuckerberg

Mark Zuckerberg

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FEBRUARY 8--Here’s the restraining order application filed by Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg against the 31-year-old man that he has accused of stalking him at his northern California home and at the offices of the social networking giant.

In a January 31 Santa Clara Superior Court filing, Zuckerberg charged that Pradeep Manukonda “is stalking me, my girlfriend and sister and refuses to cease.” A day after Zuckerberg filed his petition, Judge Socrates Manoukian temporarily ordered Manukonda to stay at least 300 yards away from Zuckerberg and his girlfriend Priscilla Chan.

Additionally, Manukonda was barred from coming near the couple’s home and offices, and he was directed to cease trying to contact them via e-mail or via Facebook. The judge set a February 22 hearing, at which a permament restraining order could be issued.

Manukonda, pictured at right, did not respond to a message left on his voicemail or an e-mail sent to his Gmail account.

Zuckerberg’s application included a declaration prepared by Todd Sheets, a Facebook security official who detailed Manukonda’s various attempts to contact Zuckerberg beginning in mid-December. In a December 13 letter mailed to Facebook, Manukonda wrote that he needed help with a a “matter of life & death” and revealed that he had been “coming to your office and waiting in front of your office.”

Sheets’s declaration included copies of communications reportedly sent to Zuckerberg by Manukonda--handwritten letters and one e-mail--and quoted from messages sent via Facebook. Stating that he needed Zuckerberg’s help in saving his purportedly ill mother’s life, Manukonda wrote “i am ready to die for you.”

On January 23, Manukonda left an envelope containing a four-page letter on Zuckerberg’s car. In that missive, he again wrote, “I am ready to die for you, please Mark please…I am waiting outside your house.” The following afternoon, Facebook security intercepted Manukonda as he approached Zuckerberg’s Palo Alto residence.

Undeterred by a police warning to stay away from Zuckerberg’s home and office, Manukonda “arranged to have a letter delivered” to the Facebook boss’s home on January 26, according to Sheets. Apologizing for his previous behavior, Manukonda wrote, “If I failed in any sense, you can skin me out. I am ready to face any consequence if I found to be guilty.”

Sheets reported that he interviewed Manukonda on January 27 and warned him that if he persisted in trying to contact Zuckerberg, the billionaire “would take legal action for his own protection.” Manukonda, Sheets reported, claimed that he had been terminated from another technology company “for approaching that company’s Chief Executive Officer for several months, requesting money for a different ailing relative in India.” Sheets added that he contacted the security team of the second (unnamed) tech company and was told that Manukonda had, in fact, been stalking its CEO, but apparently had never worked for the firm.

Despite his promise to stop contacting Zuckerberg, Manukonda had a vase of flowers delivered to Zuckerberg’s home on January 28. The gift included a note--addressed to “Mark”--thanking the Facebook CEO for his “valuable time and attention towards my problem.”

Manukonda’s bizarre behavior, Sheets concluded, “is cause for utmost concern by Mr. Zuckerberg and his family.” (20 pages)

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This is nothing new. On Yahoo chat, Indian beggars are in most of the rooms. They will claim they are running a charity and ask you to send them money or items. They are very obnoxious and do not take no for an answer. You usually end up having to block them.
So that's what the man who made facebook looks like,did not know that.
These guys are a dime a dozen here in southern california - Check out the neo-nazi named Charles Meaux if you want to read a real hoot of a tale, that 'incident' happened not too far from school. We think nothing of them and go about our day as usual. Seriously Mark, don't take it personal. He looks like the older, more-eccentric and above all, unmedicated cousin of Sanjaya from American Idol that the family 'forgot' to invite to the yearly reunion; but somehow still showed up and embarrassed everyone.
"Stating that he needed Zuckerberg’s help in saving his purportedly ill mother’s life, Manukonda wrote “i am ready to die for you.” --The nigerians have been following this formula with their 419 scam, bilking people out of their pensions for many years. Perhaps this is his new calling?
Well, I think Marky should take Pradeepy out to a nice kosher curry dinner, and talk about the movie rights. Where does Zucky buy his t-shirts? I want one just like his!
Actually good shirts. He probably got it at Nordstrom's. Tommy Bahama Paradise Blend t-shirt.
Coincidentally, my nickname is Manaconda. :-D