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Police: Pizza Prank Pulled From Jail Cell

Perp had Domino's delivered to arresting officer

Domino's Pizza

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Pizza Ordered For Cops

JULY 17--Already in police custody, a Kentucky man decided it was the perfect time to prank the police officer who had arrested him for shoplifting and public intoxication, investigators allege.

Michael Harp, 29, was collared Tuesday afternoon and locked up at the police station in Corbin, a city in the state’s southeastern corner. While behind bars, Harp asked for permission to use his cell phone, a request that was granted.

Shortly after Harp made a call, a Domino’s delivery worker arrived at the precinct with five pepperoni pizzas that had been purportedly ordered by Captain Coy Wilson, the cop who had earlier arrested Harp (who is pictured above).

Since Wilson was on the phone when the order arrived, patrolman Jeff Hill--unaware that a prank had been played--went ahead and paid $40 for the pizzas, according to a criminal citation.

Not amused by the pizza prank, officers launched an investigation and quickly linked the pizza order to Harp’s phone. A Domino’s worker told cops that, after receiving the order, they placed a confirmation call to the number. Police allege that Harp “answered as Captain Wilson” when he spoke to the Domino’s employee.

The Kentuckian, who had originally faced only misdemeanor counts, was hit with three additional charges, including felony identity theft and impersonating a police officer counts. Harp, who denies the pizza prank, has bonded out of the Whitley County Detention Center.

The police citation does not reveal if the five pepperoni pizzas were booked into evidence or subsequently disposed of by officers on duty. (1 page)