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Cops: Couple Made Illicit Animal Videos

Relative turned in Pennsylvania newlyweds

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Dog Videos Bust

DECEMBER 15--A newlywed couple was charged this week after a family member provided Pennsylvania authorities with a camera containing videos showing one of the defendants “performing sexual acts with a dog,” according to court filings.

Rachael Harris, 19, and Corey Harris, 24, were charged Tuesday with multiple counts of animal cruelty and obscenity. Rachael Harris is also facing additional counts related to her alleged sexual activity with the dog.

Married earlier this year, the couple (seen above) is scheduled for a January 11 preliminary hearing on the misdemeanor charges.

According to a probable cause affidavit, Corey Harris’s sister brought her brother’s Canon PowerShot camera to a local SPCA office two weeks ago due to videos contained on the device. A state trooper subsequently summoned to the animal protection group’s office seized the camera as evidence.

After securing a search warrant, investigators downloaded four videos from the camera that showed Rachael Harris atop the canine “attempting manipulation of the dog’s penis into her vagina.” Harris, whose husband was recording the illicit action, also is reportedly seen “attempting to allow the dog to perform oral sex on her vagina” and “masturbating the dog with her hand in a rapid motion back and forth.”

In an interview with police, Corey Harris’s sister, Sheila, reviewed the videos and identified her sister-in-law as being engaged with the dog. She also identified her brother’s voice as that of the person behind the camera.

Investigators allege that the videos were recorded in late-September at the couple’s residence in Curwensville, a Clearfield County borough.

After being charged this week, Rachael Harris updated her Facebook page with an image containing the words “Hakuna matata.” The Swahili phrase, made popular by “The Lion King,” roughly translates to “no worries.” (1 page)