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Woman Sought Police Help In Dog's Disposal

Cops: Louisiana duo let pit bull to starve to death

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Pit Bull Starved

NOVEMBER 11-After police were finished investigating a disturbance at her home early today, a 19-year-old Louisiana woman asked an officer if he “would do something with their dead dog in the backyard,” according to a court filing.

Apparently believing that officers handled the disposal of dead pets, Nitiana Moore directed cops to the rear of her West Monroe residence, where police found a “white and brown pit bull dead in a crate.”

The dog, cops reported, “looked as if it were starved to death.” The animal’s “hide on the hip bones and ribs were sunk in.”

During police questioning, Moore and Brandon Roberson, 18, said they had possession of the dog for three months. The duo said that they had left town for two weeks, but “did not have anyone take care or feed the dog while they were gone.” Moore told police the pit bull “was fed before they left.”

Upon returning home yesterday, Moore and Roberson found the dog dead.

Pictured above, Moore and Roberson were arrested for aggravated animal cruelty, a felony, and booked into jail (where bond has not been set).

After she was taken into custody, Moore was transported to the West Monroe Correction Center, where she was heard complaining about her arrest. Moore stated that she “did not know what the big deal was,” cops reported, since “it is just a dog.” (2 pages)