JFK's Killing Recounted In Document Set

On 50th anniversary, material details assassination

JFK assassination

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Memories From Parkland Memorial Hospital.

FBI Interview With JFK's Motorcade Driver.

FBI Interview With Secret Service Boss.

Dallas Death Certificate.

JFK U.S. Navy Death Certificate.

Receipt For JFK's Casket.

Police Notes Of Oswald Interrogation.

JFK Evidence Photographs.

JFK Autopsy Report.

JFK Supplemental Autopsy Report.

Autopsy Descriptive Sheet.

FBI Report On JFK Autopsy.

House Committee Interview With FBI Agent.

NSA Report: Castro Feared U.S. Invasion.

Wire Service Dispatches, 11/22/63.

NOVEMBER 21--With tomorrow marking the 50th anniversary of John F. Kennedy’s assassination, below you’ll find an assortment of links to documents related to the 1963 death of the 35th U.S. president.

Included in the material are notes from the Dallas Police Department’s interrogation of Lee Harvey Oswald; JFK’s autopsy reports; an FBI interview with the Secret Service agent driving Kennedy’s vehicle; the late president’s death certificates; and evidence photos, including a picture showing the bloodstained t-shirt cut off Oswald after he was shot by Jack Ruby.

The records were compiled from an assortment of governmental agencies by the federal Assassination Records Review Board.

Memories From Parkland Memorial Hospital (1 page)

FBI Interview With JFK's Motorcade Driver (3 pages)

FBI Interview With Secret Service Boss (4 pages)

Dallas Death Certificate (1 page)

U.S. Navy Death Certificate (2 pages)

Receipt For JFK's Casket (1 page)

Police Notes Of Oswald Interrogation (10 pages)

Evidence Photographs (4 pages)

Autopsy Report (6 pages)

Supplemental Autopsy Report (2 pages)

Autopsy Descriptive Sheet (2 pages)

FBI Report On JFK Autopsy (5 pages)

House Committee Interview With FBI Agent (8 pages)

NSA Report: Castro Feared U.S. Invasion (1 page)

Wire Service Dispatches, 11/22/63 (1 page)