BK Brawler’s Triumphant Return To Florida (And By "Triumphant" We Mean Cuffed And Stuffed)

Three weeks after busting up a Florida Burger King while dressed in a flowery bikini, Nekiva Hardy returned last night to the Sunshine State--handcuffed and in the back of a police cruiser.

Hardy had spent most of the past two weeks in a Montgomery, Alabama jail after Florida investigators issued an arrest warrant stemming from her videotaped March 19 antics at the oceanfront Panama City Beach eatery.

Hardy, 30, was picked up yesterday in Alabama by deputies with the Bay County Sheriff’s Office and transported to a Panama City lockup.

Pictured above in a mug shot taken last night, Hardy appeared this afternoon in court via a video hookup from jail. Bail was set at $50,000 for Hardy, who is facing a felony criminal mischief charge and four misdemeanors.

The BK Brawler is next due in Circuit Court on May 10.

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My, she's a handsome woman.
You just made my day, funny-man! LOL
Only a Republican would jump on top of a counter and assault a cashier because she didn't get her Whopper Jr Value Combo on time, then fly the coup, taunt the police to come get her, and finally get caught. Like she has anything better to do other than watch reruns of 'Sarah Palin's Alaska.' You Republicans need to lasso in people like the notorious BK Brawler if you want to give Donald Trump a chance at president.
Sorry..... we all know what she is. Own it.
i liked it better when this site only featured republican nutball commenters.
Aliendumbo, you are'nt smart enough to be a democrat and surley three marbles short of a full load. Go back to grade school and learn the difference between the zeitgeist and the era you are living in now. When you reach the realization between political entities and their contrasting views then you might not so much lamblast something you are ignorant about.
If the infamous BK Brawler was a Democrat, she would have waited patiently for her combo, politely said thank you to the cashier, then complimented the burger flippers for their commendable work.
Yet.... we know she's an Obama supporter, and so do you.
The BK Brawler doesn't vote. If an action doesn't reward her immediately (like oxycontin or a BK value meal), then she doesn't do it. If she did vote, she might vote for Obama because he's black, but at heart, she's a perplexed Republican, wondering why everyone is out to get her.
Sorry pal. a perplexed welfare recipient, is by definition a democrat. These and illegal aliens etc., are at the core of what the democratic party is. THIS IS THE COMPANY YOU KEEP. OWN IT.