Dumb, Dumb, Dumb, Dumb, Dumb: Woman Posed For Photo With Stolen Credit Card She Was Using

A woman who went on a shopping spree using a stolen credit card actually posed for a photo with the purloined plastic after a Florida store clerk became suspicious when the woman was unable to provide a state identification card, police report.

According to cops, when the suspect sought last month to pay for more than $400 worth of items at an Ocala beauty supply store, a 21-year-old clerk asked for the shopper’s state ID. The customer explained that she did not have the government ID, but instead provided a photo of her bearing the name seen on the credit card.

However, the worker at the Looking Good Beauty Supply store "still did not feel comfortable with the transaction so he requested to take a photo of the subject with the card," according to an Ocala Police Department report.

Because, who in their right mind would agree to such an image if they were engaging in felony credit card fraud, right?

As seen above, the shopper agreed.

Two sales totaling more than $430 were processed at the beauty store. The suspect, Ocala cops noted, also used the stolen card to make purchases at a Family Dollar store ($3.18) and a Citgo gas station ($60).

The credit card was stolen last month from a 74-year-old woman as she shopped at Walmart. The victim contacted cops Sunday after noticing the fraudulent transactions on her credit card bill.

Police have asked for the public’s help in identifying the suspect. Though she seems to have done most of that work herself.