The Legend Grows: "Tebow" Sniffs Out Kilo Of Cocaine, Helps Feds Bust Florida Airport Smuggler

Is there anything Tebow can’t do?

A Puerto Rican man is facing a federal drug charge for his alleged role in trying to smuggle a kilo of cocaine into the country via Orlando International Airport in Florida.

The plot was disrupted when a drug detection canine named “Tebow” alerted to the “odor of illegal narcotics” coming from a suitcase that Weslie Morales, 20, picked up off a luggage carousel. The suitcase had been checked on an AirTran flight from San Juan by a “Juan Garcia,” who subsequently did not get on the plane.

When confronted by investigators, Morales (pictured above) described himself as “just a little fish,” adding that he was willing to cooperate to help agents “catch the big fish.” Morales claimed that he had been paid $800 to pick up the luggage, according to a criminal complaint filed in U.S. District Court.

Morales was released from jail yesterday after posting $25,000 bond. “Tebow,” named after the Denver Broncos quarterback (and former University of Florida star) Tim Tebow, is assigned to a handler with the Metropolitan Bureau of Investigation task force.