Cops: Taco Bell Diner Assaulted For Burping Inside South Carolina Eatery

A Taco Bell patron grabbed a fellow diner around the throat and struck him with a chair after accusing the victim of not excusing himself after he burped inside the South Carolina eatery.

Isaiah Morris, 20, told cops that he and a friend were “sitting in a booth eating” Sunday afternoon when an unknown white male asked if he “had just belched and not said excuse me,” according to a Tega Cay Police Department report.

When Morris (seen at right) asked the man what he had said, the attacker picked up a chair and struck Morris in the elbow. Morris said that the man then grabbed him by the throat and tried to head-butt him. At that point, Cara Martin, a 17-year-old Taco Bell worker, interceded and ordered the man to leave the restaurant.

Martin told police that the assailant drove off in a white vehicle that “was possibly a pick up,” though witnesses were not able to record its tag number.

A cop noted observing a “minor abrasion” on Morris’s elbow and “redness around his throat.” The investigator added that the Taco Bell manager “advised that he did not believe that the surveillance cameras were able to record the incident.” As a result, police have administratively closed the assault and battery case (though it could be reopened if any leads developed).