Ohio Cop Includes Phrase Never Previously Seen In A Police Report

After an Ohio woman was arrested early yesterday for prostitution, a cop patting her down for contraband noticed a hypodermic needle sticking out from a rear pants pocket.

After the Dayton Police Department officer retrieved the needle, Brittney Martin, the 24-year-old suspect revealed that she was in possession of two other syringes.

As detailed in an incident report authored by Officer Raymond St. Clair, the woman “retrieved them from her anal cleavage.”

By eschewing the more pedestrian “butt crack,” Officer St. Clair becomes the first law enforcement official to include the phrase “anal cleavage” in an official report.

Martin, charged with prostitution and possession of drug paraphernalia, allegedly was paid $20 by a john for a “partial blowjob” inside the 63-year-old man’s 1996 Pontiac Grand Prix.