Cops Hunt Knife-Wielding Robber Who Stole $250 “Mega Masturbator” From Iowa Sex Shop

Iowa police are hunting for the knife-wielding man who early today robbed an adult novelty shop of a $250 sex doll.

After entering the Romantix Pleasure Palace shop around 3 AM, the suspect showed a female employee a hunting knife, which prompted the worker to flee the Iowa City business. At that point, the man took the sex doll and bolted.

Cops said that the suspect--an average height white guy weighing 165 pounds--wore a scarf over his face and carried a backpack.

A Romantix employee told TSG the stolen sex toy was the “Fuck Me Silly #1” model. Pictured above, the “mega masturbator” weighs 20 pounds and is described by its manufacturer, Pipedream, as “the most realistic piece of ass you ever fucked…Slap that big round ass and listen to the whack...it sounds and feels just like a real ass!”

On a related note, Ohio cops are still searching for the man who crashed a stolen tractor into a sex shop so that he could swipe Pipedream’s $800 “Extreme Fuck Me Silly 3 Mega Masturbator.”