Florida Police Arrest Vladimir Putin For Trespassing At Publix Supermarket

Florida police have arrested Vladimir Putin for trespassing.

Putin, 48, was collared last week after cops responded to a 911 call about a man causing a disturbance at a Publix supermarket in West Palm Beach.

According to the store manager, Putin had "screamed at employees."

Seen at right, Putin was subsequently arrested by police and charged with trespassing and obstructing officers without violence. After being handcuffed, he yelled "Venezuela!" several times while being led to a patrol car.

Putin, who has pleaded not guilty to the misdemeanor counts, was freed early this afternoon from the Palm Beach county jail (where he was locked up in lieu of $1000 bond). A judge has ordered Putin to undergo a mental health assessment, according to court records.

Putin is scheduled for a September 26 court appearance.

A West Palm Beach Police Department report identifies the suspect as “John Doe,” so it appears that the "Putin" handle surfaced at some point post-arrest.