Felonious Phone Terrorist Admits, Apologizes For Heinous Hotel Urine Prank

Fresh from a Texas penitentiary, a notorious prankster yesterday said that he deeply regretted his telephone terrorism and specifically apologized for a malicious hoax of his that ended with a Kentucky hotel clerk drinking the urine of a guest.

In a telephone interview, a contrite James Tyler Markle said that his illegal escapades with his former Pranknet cronies has left him with a felony conviction and “ruined my life.”

Markle, who turns 21 Thursday, spent about six months in prison as part of a “shock incarceration” sentenced imposed following his guilty plea to a criminal mischief charge. The conviction stemmed from a prank call that resulted in significant damage to a McDonald’s restaurant. He has also pleaded guilty to criminal charges in Louisiana related to another prank call targeting a Wendy’s restaurant.

His rap sheet also includes a juvenile conviction for sexually assaulting a five-year-old girl in the bathroom of a Baptist church in his Texas hometown.

Markle’s most heinous call, however, was placed in July 2009 to a Homewood Suites hotel in Lexington, Kentucky. That involved prank concluded with a front desk worker drinking a urine sample provided by a guest (Markle led the female employee to believe the sample was apple cider). The call--broadcast live in the Pranknet chat room—is excerpted below. After the worker ingested the urine, Markle exulted, “I want you to understand, ma’am, that you just drank that man’s urine.”

Listen to an excerpt here:

Markle, who used the nickname “Prankster,” admitted his role in the repulsive Kentucky hoax and said that he was ashamed of his actions. Markle has not been charged in connection with the urine hoax, which Lexington cops have characterized as felony wanton endangerment.

He could offer no explanation for his callous behavior, beyond saying that he came under the sway of Tariq “Dex” Malik, Pranknet’s domineering founder and ringleader. “I was a puppy dog who chased after Dex,” he said.