Felonies Pile Up For Degenerate Texan Who Ran With Pranknet Gang

One of the degenerates behind the Pranknet organization is set to cop to a second criminal case stemming from his illegal online activities. After a Texas court appearance yesterday, James Tyler Markle, 20, said that he would enter a guilty plea to a felony charge for which he will be sentenced to 90 days in the Angelina County jail and placed on five years probation.

The criminal count stems from a Markle prank last year targeting a McDonald’s in Lufkin, Texas. That crime is detailed here.

In March, Markle, who was known online as “Prankster,” pleaded guilty in Jefferson Parish, Louisiana to a similar prank involving a Wendy’s restaurant. Though he copped to a pair of felonies--terrorizing and simple criminal damage--Markle was only sentenced to three years probation.

While Markle apologized yesterday for his Pranknet activities, he sought to minimize his leadership role in the group. He also lied about the details of a youth conviction for raping a five-year-old girl in the bathroom of a Baptist church. Markle claimed that his conviction for aggravated sexual assault of a child actually involved an encounter with his 12-year-old girlfriend (he claimed he was 13 at the time). "It was me and my girlfriend and she was my age and her parents found out, got mad, pressed charges, statutory rape because I was older than her," he told a KTRE reporter.

A call to Markle’s home this morning was answered by his mother, who claimed that her son has shown remorse and apologized to the local community. She blamed TSG for her son’s legal troubles, advising a reporter to “mind your own fucking business.”

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keep it up, TSG. i would be more excited about his imminent ass-raping if he wasn't going to enjoy it so much.
What I'd like to know is what in the hell this guy was doing outta jail to begin with. He raped a 5 year old!