Rapper PimpStick Quezzy Indicted For, Of Course, Pimping Out A Teenage Girl

A South Carolina man who has recorded rap songs under the stage name “PimpStick Quezzy” has been indicted on federal criminal charges for allegedly recruiting an underage girl into his escort operation and then pimping her out and securing a job for the teen in a strip club.

George McLeod III, 29, was named in a six-count indictment filed in U.S. District Court in Columbia. McLeod, arrested last week by FBI agents, is scheduled for a detention hearing tomorrow.

Prosecutors allege that McLeod last year met the victim online, and later provided her with a bus ticket from her home in Montana to South Carolina. The girl subsequently turned tricks arranged by McLeod and two associates. McLeod advertised the girl’s services on backpage.com after taking photos of her “in various stages of undress.” McLeod and his codefendants also allegedly gave the girl--who was born in 1995--phony ID to “gain employment as a stripper” in a Columbia club.

McLeod, pictured above, has recorded an assortment of rap songs that refer to pimping, including “The Grand Intro,” which reports that prostitutes working for “Quezzy” (pronounced “queasy”) “stay clean.” He adds that, “I make sure every one of my hos get $30 apiece every two months.” A YouTube video of the song is below.

On his “@PimpQuezzy” Twitter page, McLeod has recently chronicled his travels in a variety of southern cities (Miami, Knoxville, Lexington, Huntsville, Columbia). In a June 17 tweet, he reported, “im in dallas tx. promoting this pimpin!”