Police Tracked Accused Hit-And-Run Driver Via Her “ZOMBIE” License Plate

A Pennsylvania woman who allegedly zapped a man with a stun gun as she tried to flee the scene of a hit-and-run accident was subsequently apprehended thanks to her distinctive “ZOMBIE” vanity license plate, according to a criminal complaint.

Yardley Joy Frantz, 29, struck a man and a boy when she drove her 2008 Honda Civic into a crowd on an Allentown street Saturday evening. When a bystander confronted her as she sought to depart, Frantz removed a stun gun from the car’s glove compartment and zapped him in the chest.

Frantz is pictured in the photo at right.

Witnesses told police that the motorist, dressed in pajamas, was driving a car with “ZOMBIE” license plates. Cops quickly traced the vehicle to Frantz, who claimed she could not recall who was behind the wheel when the pedestrians were hit. A passenger in Frantz's Honda told investigators that she "carries a stun gun in the glove box of her car."

Frantz was arrested on a variety of charges, including aggravated assault, simple assault, harassment, and illegal use of an electronic incapacitation device. She was freed from custody after posting $20,000 bail.