Nebraska Educators Issue Grinding Alert In Advance Of High School Homecoming Dance

Teenage attendees at tomorrow night’s homecoming dance at a Nebraska public high school are on notice that “inappropriate dancing”--including “freaking,” “juke dancing,” and any exhibitions of grinding--is prohibited.

In a letter sent home with Lincoln Southeast High School students, school administrators sought to provide a “clear and specific” definition of what amounts to outlawed dance floor behavior. As seen here, the letter informs parents that, “YouTube.com can help you become familiar with these terms if you so desire.”

Inappropriate dancing, school brass report, includes “’hiking-up’ of skirts and dresses” and “leaning against the wall while dancing.” Also, “feet that are raised off the floor and hands that are touching the floor” will not be tolerated.

Those caught engaging in improper dancing during the Prasch Gym event will receive a warning. If, after being cited, they continue freaking/grinding/juking, a parent will be summoned to escort them home from the event.

Last year, Wisconsin educators drafted a similar letter in advance of a high school dance, warning that “sexual bending” was forbidden.