Here's Some Mug Shots Of Costumed Revelers Arrested For Drunken Pre-Halloween Antics

Since Halloween falls on a Wednesday this week, many revelers were out in costume this weekend getting drunk and disorderly.

Oh, and handcuffed.

These arrestees include the Michigan gent, 32, seen at right. He was charged with being a parole absconder. His fellow dressed-up offenders include:

* A wannabe Superman, 27, who was nabbed by Arizona cops for disorderly conduct/fighting.

*Next to the pink boa, a drunk driving collar was the most embarrassing thing to happen Sunday to a 24-year-old North Dakota man.

* A raccoon-eyed Arizonan, 30, was popped for criminal damage and disorderly conduct.

* A Georgia guy, 26, with an “X” on his forehead (jailed for battery and obstructing law enforcement).

* Most Arkansans can’t pull off the eye glitter like this 28-year-old nailed on a DUI rap.

* An Idaho resident, 23, was probably feeling blue, not purple, following his drunk driving arrest early today.

* A fetching feline, 26, was caged by Georgia cops on a reckless driving charge.