Florida Woman, 69, Arrested For Febreze Attack On Her Adult Son

A 69-year-old woman was charged with battery after she sprayed her adult son in the face with Febreze during an argument in the family’s Florida home.

Jenny Ellis was arrested early Friday after an argument with her son--who suffers from mental illness--turned physical. According to cops, Ellis twice spit in her son’s face and doused him with the household odor eliminator. Ellis reportedly became angered when her son called her a derogatory name.

When interviewed by deputies, Ellis said she was “frustrated with the mental health system in Florida and just wants her son gone,” according to a police report. Ellis reportedly told police, “Just take him out of here. Make him disappear, shoot him or something.”

Charged with misdemeanor battery, Ellis was released from jail after posting $1000 bond. She is scheduled for an October 14 court appearance.