Mud-Bogging Michigan Misfits Nabbed In Stuffed Alligator Theft

A trio of intoxicated thieves allegedly stole a 14-foot stuffed alligator from a Michigan man’s home, strapped it to their pickup truck, and then went mud bogging with the flattened reptile.

The accused men were nabbed after the owner of the burgled barn followed foot and tire tracks to an area where the suspects were spotted racing through the mud with the $5000 alligator in tow. As a result, cops arrested John Sanborn, 53; Douglas Ward, 55; and Roy Griffith, 60, on a variety of criminal charges.

As seen above, police recovered the alligator, which did not appear worse for the wear. Besides, of course, already being dead, stuffed, and flattened. The alleged thieves, pictured below, are due in court July 29 for a preliminary hearing.