Michigan "Batman" Could Avoid Jail In Guilty Plea Over Nocturnal Nuttiness

The Batman wannabe arrested earlier this year in full costume hanging off a Michigan building ledge was sentenced this morning to six months in jail for his bizarre nocturnal activity.

But Mark Williams, 32, who was also ordered to perform 200 hours of community service, will avoid a cell if he serves a six-month probationary term without incident, according to a prosecutor.    

Williams was busted in early-May after cops pulled him back onto the roof of a hardware store in Petoskey, a northern Michigan city. It remains unclear why Williams was atop the building at 1 AM wearing his Batman outfit, complete with a utility belt containing a collapsible baton and a container of pepper spray.

As seen above, cops made sure to photograph Williams in costume after he was transported to the police station. As part of a plea deal, Williams copped to attempted resisting of an officer, a misdemeanor. More serious charges, including a felony weapons possession count, were dropped by prosecutors.