Cops Release Mug Shot Of 18-Year-Old Charged In Brutal McDonald's Assault

UPDATE: Brown was busted for assault last year at same McDonald’s

Meet Teonna Monae Brown.

The 18-year-old is facing assault charges for allegedly beating a woman in a Maryland McDonald’s (video of the brutal attack went viral late last week).

Brown, who lives several blocks away from the Baltimore-area eatery, was arrested Friday on three assault counts in connection with the April 18 assault of Chrissy Lee Polis, 22. A second alleged assailant, who is 14, has been charged as a juvenile.

Brown is pictured above in a mug shot released this morning by the Baltimore County Police Department. She is being held in the Baltimore County Detention Center in lieu of $150,000 bail.

A District Court filing reveals that Brown’s own sister approached cops to report that her sibling “had just told her that she assaulted a woman at the McDonald’s located at 6315 Kenwood Avenue.” Deshawn Brown added that her sister told her that the juvenile suspect “was with her and assaulted the woman too.”

In a police interview, the 14-year-old suspect admitted that she had been at the fast food restaurant with her friend Brown, and that they “both got into a fight with a woman over using the bathroom.”

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