Rhode Island Man Arrested For DUI Four Times Over 30-Hour Period

A Rhode Island man was arrested four separate times in 30 hours for drunk driving, an unmatched criminal feat he accomplished while behind the wheel of four different vehicles, according to police.

John Lourenco, 53, was first arrested last Sunday afternoon when he crashed his Dodge pickup truck into an SUV carrying two children (both of whom were treated and released from a Providence hospital).

Lourenco’s next three busts occurred in Cumberland, the town outside Providence where he resides.

At 7:15 Monday morning, Lourenco--driving a Chevrolet Malibu--rear-ended another vehicle. Lourenco was subsequently arrested after his blood alcohol content was measured at .22, nearly three times the legal limit. He was later given a court summons and released into the custody of his 79-year-old father, Cumberland cops report.

Around 11:15 AM, a Cumberland cop spotted Lourenco--now behind the wheel of a 1970 Plymouth Barracuda--driving erratically. Lourenco, a general contractor, was pulled over and an officer determined he was intoxicated. He was transported to the Landmark Medical Center, where he “was released from police custody to the hospital.”

Lourenco’s fourth arrest occurred around 5 PM after he departed the hospital and got into a dump truck he owns. He eventually crashed the construction vehicle into “a tree and a wall doing heavy damage to all.” Lourenco “sustained minor injuries and was transported back” to the hospital for treatment of new injuries.

Remarkably, Lourenco was released on bail following each of the four arrests.

Lourenco did not respond to a message left by a reporter on his cell phone.