Kurt Cobain Briefly Surfaces In Myrtle Beach (But Then Turns Out To Just Be A Denny's Employee)

Meet Ernest Evans.

The 22-year South Carolina man was arrested early yesterday morning for public intoxication when he was found sleeping in the 11th floor hallway of a Myrtle Beach resort.

Evans was unsteady on his feet, had “glassy eyes,” and slurred his speech during questioning by police, according to a Myrtle Beach Police Department report.

When a cop asked for his name, Evans earned himself a second criminal charge. “He told me it was ‘Kurt Cobain,’” reported Officer Dave Giosa. A search of Evans’s wallet revealed that he was not the reincarnated Nirvana frontman, but rather a Denny’s employee from Conway, a nearby city.

Evans was booked yesterday into the Horry County jail for public intoxication and providing police with a false name, both misdemeanors. Bail has not been set, so Evans remained in custody Tuesday afternoon.