Another "World's Greatest Dad" Arrested On Child Endangerment, Narcotics Charges

Meet Terry Cornett.

The Kentucky man, 42, was arrested yesterday after police discovered a methamphetamine lab in his Laurel County home. Officers had gone to the residence to check on the welfare of his two-year-old child.

As seen in the Kentucky State Police photo at right, Cornett was wearing a “Worlds Greatest Dad” t-shirt when collared for endangering the welfare of a child and an assortment of narcotics charges. The child was removed from the home and placed in the custody of welfare officials.

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He also is a thief for stealing that Tee from my dad
This is totally setup. Brand new shirt. Snapping mugshots in the dishroom maybe? Those are bread tray's, back there.
This is why I only wear t-shirts that read, "Average Dad at Best".
oooh, the irony!!
Roger that. Reminds me of an idiot bully I knew who was the son of a cop. Five minutes after meeting the father, I knew it was a perfect example of the apple falling near the tree. Dad was heavily involved with a Police Explorer post; the kids he had under his charge were some of the stupidest punks I ever dealt with.