Ohio Police Hunt For Speedo-Clad "Pervert" Haunting Kent State Sorority House

Ohio police are seeking to identify a Speedo-clad man who prowled around a Kent State University sorority house early Monday morning.

The suspect, who was recorded by a doorbell cam, had phrases like “Laugh At Me” and “Shrimp Dick” inked on his chest. The word “Pervert” was also written on his chest, while arrows pointed to his genitalia along with the phrases “4 Inches” and “So Tiny.”

While walking on the porch this week, the man appeared to be recording with his cellphone.

According to cops, the suspect first showed up at the Alpha Phi house in late-August. At that time, the trespasser was naked and danced on the sorority’s front porch. Investigators believe that the man has also sent a nude photo and messages via social media to sorority members.

If apprehended, the "Loser" could face public indecency charges, police say.