Drunken Man Wearing "Joker" Costume, Makeup Arrested For Disturbance At Applebee's

Meet Aaron Chase.

Dressed as the Joker from the “Batman” movies, the upstate New York man, 24, walked into an Applebee’s restaurant late Sunday evening and caused a disturbance leading to his arrest.

Police report that Chase--dressed in black and wearing a green wig and face paint--sat at the eatery’s bar and sought to be served (though he had no money). Pictured in the adjacent mug shot, Chase appeared intoxicated and began harassing Applebee’s patrons, according to a press release from the Lakewood-Busti Police Department.

Chase, who was “acting strange,” was “asked to leave several times but he refused,” cops noted. As a result, he was charged with trespassing. Chase was transported to a local hospital for a mental evaluation, the results of which are unknown.