Fiat Driven By "Jennifer Lopez" Actually Broke Down During Commercial Shoot In Bronx

With a Jennifer Lopez lookalike seated behind the wheel, a Fiat 500 actually broke down on a Bronx street during the recent filming of a TV commercial purportedly showing the actress driving around the borough in which she grew up.

As seen above (click to enlarge), the Fiat came to a halt during filming in September on East 136th Street in Mott Haven. While two men tinkered with the engine, the J. Lo stand-in sat patiently at the wheel, her face obscured by honey-colored hair styled just like Lopez’s.

The embarrassing breakdown of the sporty Fiat was spotted by journalist Ed Morales, who lives on the Mott Haven block where the commercial was filmed. Morales (with whom the entire TSG staff once worked at The Village Voice) blogged about the Fiat shoot last month, noting that “the protagonist was a woman in a white blouse with streaked, perfectly blown-out straight hair.”

Morales, who thought the woman resembled the actress Jennifer Espositio, only learned that it was supposed to be Lopez when he saw the Fiat 500 commercial, which began airing in mid-October.

The children seen in the photo’s background also appear in the Fiat commercial, which shows them chasing the vehicle down the street (presumably because the prodigal Jenny had returned to the Block).